Jonathan Legault

Managing Director at Corematic

Referred to as industry leaders, Corematic Engineering earned this title by becoming industry disruptors, making traditional black box solutions truly redundant!

Uniquely positioned to provide solutions for complex business problems, our team provides a unique R&D experience focusing on an agnostic approach to technology.


To empower businesses and organisations with the solutions and knowledge suitable for leading them into, and beyond, Industry 4.0.

Our commitment is to help businesses to simplify complexity, de-risk projects in order to create genuine value for your business. Recruiting only the best brains, practical with solid industry backgrounds, our specialists provide innovative, agile, and flexible engineering services — saving to our customers hours of headaches along the way!

Learn more about how we can help your business:

With COREMATIC you can outsource your RnD without losing your IP.

Your ideas. Our solutions.

Our client-centric focus is empowered by technical and operational expertise through consulting, design and commissioning services. Our team is here to provide engineering support and unbiased advice, with the specifics of your application as our prime focus.

With COREMATIC, you will future-proof your organisation, harnessing the ever-evolving power of business intelligence. Try us!


We are vendors agnostic. We are Mechatronics engineers. We are integrators. We are Corematic!

Our engine room is fuelled by passion for engineering and innovation.


Our love for the latest applied science allows us to efficiently harness emerging and advanced technologies to deliver real & practical intelligent solutions that solve complex problems.



High up in our value system is trust and transparency, evident throughout all our relationships. Accountability is our recognisable and reputable attribute, and the major influencer behind all our decisions and actions.



Exceptional results cannot be driven by purpose alone. Fun is a primary driver in our relationships and our team culture helping us attract talent, opportunities, and long-lasting industry alignments.