How to transform the automotive industry with vehicle scanning technologies

What is Car Damage Recognition?   Image recognition, or computer vision, is the machine or computer’s ability to detect an object, feature, or valuable information from an image or a sequence of images (such as video). In the automotive industry, the first process of detecting vehicle damage is based on visual observation of the aesthetic state […]

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Spot 3.0: Additional new features

Corematic Spot Robot branded

Want to better adapt your Spot Enterprise and Spot Explorer to operate in complex Australian environments? Spot 3.0 is the solution! Spot Release 3.0 adds functionality to make Spot the data collection solution you need for safer and more efficient inspection rounds! When it comes to complex environments such as mines, construction sites and oil/gas […]

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Reshape the manufacturing mindset for automation : how methodology can drive successful cultural change for businesses.

Industrial Automation provides a significant challenge to Australian manufacturers as labour costs rise and robotics become cheaper and more advanced. Understanding how to undertake an improvement project to automate a process is essential in achieving success. To help Australian manufacturers remain competitive in the current economic environment, it’s crucial to reshape their mindset by implementing […]

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