Can an engineering company be a paperless office?

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Paper is everywhere in a business. Bills, contracts, quotes, purchase orders, marketing material, engineering manuals; you name it! Even though digital documents have been around since the last century, adopting a paperless office strategy has been slow. The number of reasons for this is vast, but the most common is the fear of significant changes. Changing […]

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3 unmissable IoT solutions that every business could benefit from

real time tablet and robot ams

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world we live in and how we interact with others. Nowadays, practically all devices have an Internet connection that allows them to share data with any number of others. Even better, IoT gives us the ability to monitor a process from anywhere in the world. For example, […]

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How our Tech Start-up Beat The Odds And Overcame Coronavirus.

It goes without saying, but the novel COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge companies Australia-wide and internationally—and it’s likely the effects will be felt for a long time. Just how long is uncertain, but what’s clear is businesses are feeling the burn more than ever. Even before COVID-19, it was tough for businesses to stay up […]

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How to be a Successful Self-Funded Company in Australia?

How to be a Successful Self-Funded Company in Australia

If there is one thing I’ve learned by founding my own business in Australia it is while it’s true that most successful start-ups receive external funding, this is not the only path to success. By working with personal savings to provide initial capital, or beginning thanks to the trust of people, all expenses must be geared […]

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