Spot 3.0: Additional new features

Corematic Spot Robot branded

Want to better adapt your Spot Enterprise and Spot Explorer to operate in complex Australian environments? Spot 3.0 is the solution! Spot Release 3.0 adds functionality to make Spot the data collection solution you need for safer and more efficient inspection rounds! When it comes to complex environments such as mines, construction sites and oil/gas […]

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Let’s Talk Robotics with Scott Hansen

Let’s Talk Robotics with Scott Hansen   Here is our co-founder Scott Hansen ‘s chat with Nicci Rossouw on ‘let’s talk about robotics’! At COREMATIC Engineering we believe that de-risking R&D is the best approach to advanced innovation in robotics, computer vision, and machine learning for businesses looking to automate and digitalise their operations without losing their IP. Listen the podcast […]

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